About Us

We are here to help the even the playing field for the little guy.

Formed for the New Reality

Clarity Group was founded by former “big four” CPA’s who saw that the nature of professional financial services was changing.   Too often, the needs of the individual and the small company have been lost in a world of increasing cost and inexperienced advice.  We endeavored to create a place that combined the quality and execution associated with the big firms, with the economy and service of a local firm.   Since then, Clarity Group has grown to service some of the area’s most respected companies and individuals.  Our clients rely on us to provide vision inspired solutions to their financial needs. 

Focused on Entrepreneurs

Clarity Group is proud to support the human function of risk called entrepreneurship.  While our clients are diverse, this is the spirit that brings us together.  Such is the nature of the Clarity Group.  We are a CPA-consulting firm created specifically to suit the needs of today’s entrepreneur and entrepreneurial inspired business. 

Clarity Group understands the necessity of exemplary client service. Furthermore, we understand that with most CPA firms client service takes a secondary role.   Clarity’s mission is to maintain our role as the best client service organization available.    Our clients expect us to be handling their affairs in a manner that is consistent with that mission. Our clients are never left waiting for a return phone call or response to an email.  Our billings are straightforward and clear.  Our research and knowledge of best practices is always current and always leveraged for the benefit of our clients