The tax decisions that you make, as an individual and/or a company are crucial.  The differences between a haphazard tax approach and one that is deliberate and tailored, can mean thousands of dollars a year. The professionals at Clarity Group are specialists in the ever changing codes and complexities of the contemporary tax structure.

Tax Services Include:

  • Tax preparation
    • Business tax returns, including corporations, partnerships, LLPs and LLCs
    • Multi-state tax returns
    • Individual tax returns
    • Trust tax returns
    • Estate tax returns
    • Gift tax returns
    • Payroll tax returns
    • Sales tax returns
    • Real estate transactions
    • Entity selection, formation and structure
  • Tax planning
    • Business/individual tax synergy
    • Estate tax planning
    • Gift tax planning
    • Retirement planning
    • Depreciation of fixed assets
  • Tax research
  • Audit representation
    • IRS audit representation
    • California income tax audit representation
    • Payroll audit representation
    • Sales tax audit representation
    • Real estate audit representation